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Brand Armor

For entrepreneurs who won’t take a risk when it comes to safeguarding their most valuable asset...

Don’t Pay Somebody To Fill Out A Form...
For Just A Few Dollars More
You Can Get A Thorough Solution
With Professional Legal Advice And Insight

Here’s Everything You Get With Brand Armor™...

  • A trademark consultation call with an attorney. A private, one-on-one call gives you the legal insight essential to launch the process. You avoid mistakes, and wasted time when you start off properly.
  • The benefits of legal insight. What if you’re trying to trademark something you don’t need, or isn’t a sensible investment? When you know what possible conflicts you’re up against in advance, you can make smarter decisions on the best way to safeguard your brand.
  • A comprehensive trademark clearance search. This search will be exhaustive. It is actually a strategic collection of multiple searches...covering thousands of data points that go well beyond the “knockout” approach of the incomplete TESS database on the USPTO site.
  • The exact protection you need for your brand. You’ll get the level of protection you need. Avoid protracted legal battles by trying to trademark something you don’t need. The process will be managed by a licensed attorney who understands your objectives.
  • A trademark opinion letter. This legal document gives you opinions on the “trademarkability" of the proposed mark. The information is based on results of extensive searches and an interpretation of the law.
  • Trademark application drafting and filing. The drafting we do, which creates a specific description, can dramatically increase the chances of your application’s approval...without sacrificing the strength of protection. Our goal is to eliminate ambiguity and confusion so your application avoids annoying and expensive delays.

...and much, much more.

Our work on your behalf doesn’t end when the application is filed. Our more thorough approach gives you...

  • Trademark application monitoring. Unlike other services, we’re not simply filling out forms. After the application is filed, we monitor the progress of the application and keep you informed.
  • Office Action Response. If your application runs into a problem with the USPTO, we’ll step in. We’ll prepare and submit a response than helps resolve whatever’s holding things up.

Your investment for Brand Armor™ is only $597*

Protect Your Most Important Asset Now

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Stop Struggling And Avoid Delays

Don’t let an attorney who’s unfamiliar with the details of trademark law try to look after you.

Your modest investment in Brand Armor™ can save thousands of dollars in legal fees, months of delays, and endless hours of wasted time.

* The Brand Armor™ fee does not include United States Patent & Trademark Office filing fees.

Brand Armor

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  • A trademark consultation call with an attorney
  • The benefits of legal insight
  • A full U.S. trademark clearance search
  • The exact protection you need for your brand
  • A trademark opinion letter
  • Trademark application drafting and filing

Click below for a better way to protect your brand.

Protect Your Most Important Asset Now