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Asset Protection

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LLC, Corporation, Trade Name, Trademark: Which Do I Need?

You want to protect your business, but what legal strategy will help you to protect it best? This might sound a little like something Yoda would say, but the particular strategy or strategies will depend upon what you are most interested in protecting.

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Fraudulent Conveyances & Asset Protection

Although the idea of asset protection, i.e. protecting assets from creditors of the a person who owns them, may seem simple at first glance, it's not. In reality, implicit in asset protection is a rather nuanced process of dealing with the interplay between federal and state law.

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How To Protect Your Assets From Long-term Care Costs

In short, long-term care is a broad term used to describe a wide continuum of services, which are needed by people with chronic health issues for extended or indefinite periods of time.

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Arizona Medicaid (ALTCS) Eligibility, Asset Protection & Trusts

Some trusts are both: 1) not countable as resources and 2) do not require the State of Arizona to be a remainder beneficiary.

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Beware: Malpractice Lawsuits Can Derail Your Nest Egg

Lawsuits run rampant in this nation, and that includes those filed against medical practices and physicians. While malpractice insurance is obviously an essential defense, physicians may also want to consider giving away assets via some simple strategies. This article examines three of them: family limited partnerships, the homestead exemption, and offshore trusts.

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