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4 Ways To Protect Your Brand

Although I almost always recommend one particular method of legal protection for brands, there are actually at least four (4) different legal strategies to protect a brand.

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Surname Trademarks

Section 2(e)(4) of the Lanham Act imposes the following notable restriction upon the registrability of a trademark that is primarily a surname, i.e. last name:

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How To Register A Trademark

Applying for trademark registration often involves the following steps, but varies from case to case

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How To Build A Valuable Brand

Many business owners dream of creating valuable brands for their businesses that allow them to charge a premium for the goods they produce or the services they provide while also allowing them to be selective about their customers, clients, or patients.

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What Is A Trademark?

So just what is a trademark? Well, it's commonly a word, symbol, design, or combination of such, which (a) identifies the source of goods or services and (b) distinguishes such from the goods or services of others.

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