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Candidates' Proposed Estate Tax Plans

Under current law, estates worth $5.45 million or less are exempt from federal estate tax.

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Bernie Sanders' Estate Tax Plan

The Sanders bill would exempt the first $3.5 million on an individual’s estate from estate tax and would include a maximum marginal tax rate of 65%.

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State Death Tax Is a Killer?

How does an estate tax imposed by an individual state, in addition to the federal estate tax, affect that state? Should the states that still impose a state estate tax follow the growing number of states that are abolishing their state estate taxes?

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Selling a Business: Stock Sale v. Asset Sale

When a business is sold, the actual sale often occurs via one of two forms, either as a stock sale or as an asset sale. In general, sellers often prefer stock sales while buyers often prefer asset sales.

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2014 Tax Extender Bill Passed By Congress

Some of the provisions that were extended retroactively include higher Section 179 expense limits, tax-free distributions from IRAs for charitable purposes, the Work Oppurtunity Tax Credit, and deductions for mortgage interest premiums.

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