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Arizona LLC Registered Office

Arizona's Corporation Commission requires that an Arizona Limited Liability Company ("LLC") must designate a "Registered Office" in Arizona in the LLC's Articles of Organization. Although the term "Registered Office" does not appear in Arizona's LLC Act, the Act does require the following, in A.R.S. § 29-604:

A. A limited liability company shall appoint and continuously maintain in this state:

1. A known place of business that may be the address of its statutory agent.

2. A statutory agent for service of process on the limited liability company that is either an individual resident of this state, a domestic corporation, a limited liability company or a foreign corporation or limited liability company authorized to transact business in this state.

B. Unless the statutory agent signed the document making the appointment, the appointment of a statutory agent or a successor statutory agent on whom process may be served is not effective until the agent delivers a statement in writing to the commission accepting the appointment.

The Corporation Commission likely interpreted the requirement that an LLC "maintain in this state ... [a] known place of business" as requiring that the LLC designate and maintain a Registered Office.

It is important to note, that the address of an Arizona LLC's statutory agent may be designated as the LLC's Registered Office in the LLC's Articles of Organization.

While not discussed in Arizona's LLC Act, Arizona's Corporation Commission specifically prohibits the use of P.O. Boxes for the LLC's Registered Office, although it has been our experience that advertisers often send promotional and advertising material to an LLC's registered office.

This brief overview of some important considerations associated with Arizona LLC registered offices is by no means comprehensive. Always seek the advice of a competent professional when making important legal decisions.

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