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Arizona LLC

Get An Arizona LLC

An Arizona Limited Liability Company or LLC is one of various types of limited liability entities that can protect the personal assets of a business' owner(s) from creditors of the business.

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Arizona LLC Management & Voting

Arizona's Limited Liability Company Act set forth specific management and voting requirements that, by default, apply to LLCs organized under Arizona law. Many of these defaults, however, can be modified or changed via an LLC operating agreement.

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Arizona LLC Dissolution & Termination

In order to formally end the existence of an Arizona Limited Liability Company ("LLC"), Arizona's LLC Act generally requires that two processes must occur: 1) dissolution and 2) termination.

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Arizona LLC Registered Office

Arizona's Corporation Commission requires that an Arizona Limited Liability Company ("LLC") must designate a "Registered Office" in Arizona in the LLC's Articles of Organization.

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Arizona LLC Taxation

In terms of federal taxation, an Arizona LLC can be taxed pursuant to one of four (4) tax regimes: 1) Subchapter K, 2) as a disregarded entity, 3) Subchapter C, 4) Subchapter S.

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