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Arizona Elder Law

Arizona Medicaid Look Back Period

The look-back period is a period of time, currently 60-months, during which Arizona Medicaid (ALTCS) is required to look through your finances in order to determine if you made any uncompensated transfers, i.e. you gave away or sold assets for less than their fair market values.

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How To Pay For Long-term Care In Arizona

There are generally three (3) ways to pay for assisted living or nursing home care: (1) Long-Term Care Insurance, (2) Private Pay; or 3) Medicaid.

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5 Common Medicaid Misconceptions

Medicaid is a federal program that provides health coverage for people who meet specific eligibility requirements. It covers the cost of nursing home care for those who meet the program’s economic requirements for eligibility.

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Arizona Medicaid (ALTCS) Eligibility, Asset Protection & Trusts

Some trusts are both: 1) not countable as resources and 2) do not require the State of Arizona to be a remainder beneficiary.

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ALTCS Eligibility In 2016

The Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) is Arizona's implementation of the Medicaid program, which can pay nursing home costs for people that meet certain medical, income, and resource requirements.

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