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What is a Family Limited Partnership?

A family limited partnership, or FLP, can allow a taxpayer to leverage two federal tax devices in conjunction with a technique known as “discounting” in order to reduce the amount of federal tax imposed at the time of that person’s death.

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Congressional Committee Approves Permanent Bonus Depreciation & Charity Bills

The House Ways and Means Committee approved legislation to make bonus depreciation permanent, as well as a number of tax measures related to charitable giving.

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Substantial Presence Test & Closer Connection Exception

Those people who would otherwise be characterized as resident aliens pursuant to the Substantial Presence Test, who think they qualify for the Closer Connection exception, can file Form 8840 with the I.R.S.

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IRS: Bitcoin is Property, Not Currency

Today, the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") issued Notice 2014-21 regarding some federal tax prinicples associated with transactions utlizing virtual currency, such as Bitcoin.

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Obama Announces MyRA Retirement Accounts

On Wednesday, Presdient Obama signed an executive order directing the U.S. Department of the Treatury to create a new type of retirement saving account called a "MyRA".

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